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Whether you are a big DC fanboy or not one at all, it does not matter because I’m pretty sure you’ve heard about all the buzz going on with the trailer that was leaked days before its released. So a day thereafter, DC decided to just cancel the whole screening thing they have set for the 20th and released the official HD trailer online. It’s kind of sad, but they have the whole movie to feature anyway! These days, nothing seems to be not encompassed by the digital pirates and hackers. But if you’re still hoping for some real exclusive content that won’t be a waste of your pocket’s precious dimes, you can simply run to the wonderfully playful abode of Digital Playground.


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Another reason why there is so much tumult about DC is its sluggishness in creating its movie adaptations that people would compare them to the Marvel Universe where all of their most favorite comic book heroes have come to life on the big screens. To be fair, though, DC has been investing a lot on its TV shows, where Marvel is downright flunking regardless of its newly applauded remake of Daredevil. I think the best way to end these senseless melees and harangues is to put everyone in a common ground, which the Digital Playground discount makes a perfect candidate. Showcasing all of the hottest ladies to trek the world of lewd expressionism, exhibiting the most outstanding porn quality to be had in these tough demanding days, not a moment will come to waste.

An immensely vast space filled with thousands of the hottest porn videos, DP prides itself with its unrelenting pursuit to create and produce utterly satisfying short films for the voyeurs and all the other pervy minds. The embedded player is your key to viewing up to over 2,400 videos, that continue to grow by the day. Each video should be good for nowhere less than 20 minutes. The photo stills can be accessed in its categorically arranged photo galleries. Bonuses also come in every month and sometimes even on a whim, which can be lots of fun when it’s your lucky day.

1080p HD quality with the most glorious boobies and booties and faces that you can ever see, I doubt there is something else you’d have to look for. All that and more with Digital Playground.