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One of the things that I have learned throughout my 23 years of earthly existence is that a lot of legends are for real. A friend once told me that there have been magazines in the past that were always hailed the precepts and confirmation to the existence of nude art. I never came to believe this until I was 13. It was when my friend has shown me a copy of an issue of a mag, that he told me my father has it too, lots of them, that he is hiding them somewhere really secret.


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It was hard not to believe him and indeed I was able to find my dad’s secret stash which had almost every issue of this legendary magazine since the 80’s. It was Playboy Magazine and since my discovery of the site, my life has never been the same. And today, I would like to do a quick review of their revolutionary product, the Playboy TV.

A magazine company housing the hottest models. Well, this is perhaps the most common notion of the magazine company, which is nothing less than true. But, you see, they’re more than just that and the reason why it gets a “the” before its name is because of the merits it has formed, deeming it a revolutionary sexual magazine company. They have been around since the 50’s and have finally culminated their art through Playboy TV, which is home to the most artistic and professionally created porn videos summed up by the hottest models that have been around as the experts of the craft of seduction.

Playboy is revolutionary in so many ways. Magazines basically censor their content, and that is why you see nothing more than an almost leak of a nipple or the vagina, like they are totally bare but not quite because they have red cards covering their “properties.” PBTV is the solution to breaking through from that shell of confinement. Familiar of the models? Search any of them through the site and it will come to your surprise that they have finally gone porno! You will see any of them in action with over 3,000 videos injected into the site. Get to enjoy bonus items as well, such as actual issues of magazines made available in a digital compilation, monthly updates and so much more.

There’s no questioning why porn is better than the sexy magazines. There are no inhibitions and everything is literally moving. For $6 a month, get to savor the magnificent contents of Playboy TV discount membership with its decades of trusted and uncontested sensual media.