67% off VideosZ Discount

Grabbing a membership to VideosZ is going to have you changing your lifestyle to make more time to look at all that they have. It’s very amazing how fast they add more material as you work hard grabbing all that the archives offer. Anyway, let’s not worry about having too much content for that is always a good thing. They have hundreds of DVD movies and over 39600 scenes cut from these movies. One DVD movie can have you staring at the screen for more than one hundred forty minutes and that is  long time which means the chance to cum multiple times. Let’s look at the capability of the navigation, the site design, and why they have so much porn on offer.


$17.95 / 40% off One Month

$10.00 per month / 67% off One Year


The material is not exclusive since its DVD movies that you can find in the shops. The quality of the movies is standard DVD quality. They have done away with the wmv file formats; don’t know why they did that. The flash player last time was a bit weak, but now they have fast buffering speeds. This brings movies faster to your screen. They have not added any major new sorting feature that members can use inside. It looks like some of the tools are the same, some small improvements, not very impressive. You know, with epic like material and archives, offering members the most powerful means of finding and sorting would be so nice. You can still find what you desire.

So how can you make the right decision on this VideosZ discount right? Well, you can consider that the thousands of movies that they have gives you thousands of performers, gals, models, and pornstars. Also, you can look at the price they give for joining this DVD site. It’s really so little considering the mass of porn that you get. You can also consider that if you do come inside you will be introduced to so many different niches/genres. You can have a festival of variety inside truly. They must dissect more their navigation features to match the stylish design and look that they have. Some people have complained that the clutter is too much inside. However, even with all that, they have menus, search engines, and ways of sorting series/DVD/models/studio/genres and so on.

The navigation feels standard; it doesn’t feel special or doesn’t stand out. The category listing inside give you options of searching for more than one niche. They have thumbs that breakdown the DVD movies. You also get information and description. The information on the movies relates to things like dates, title, rating, studio, and other relevant pieces of info.

You want to see what’s up inside VideoZ because they should not be a mystery to those into hardcore porn. They have redeeming qualities in the form of how much material they have. Members enjoy their time inside this site, could definitely improve, but for the present they have what it takes. Check them out, see what’s up!