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I tend to be someone who lives outside the norm. I don’t really like to conform and simply do what others do, eat what they eat, wear what they wear and all these I don’t do if I don’t really find them fitting for me. Even when it comes to porno sites, I would not just settle with something that was referred to me. I would give it due consideration and check out what it really has to offer. That way, I can make a decision if it is indeed something worth the time and money, as well as my energy, of course. And sometimes, you find luck, just as I was able to with Vipissy.


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If you think the name of the site sounds way too crude, all I can tell you is that it is what it is and the name of it does not necessarily reflect the kind of content it produces. Rather than the negative connotation it bears at the front, it never fails to compel the audience to look out for more because of the stellar kind of videos they are able to create.

Some of the major factors that bring about the success of V-Pissy would be its coquettishly driven women who happen to have the kind of countenance and body that one must have in order to draw men into some sort of inexplicable euphoria. Another thing would be the way they have recorded the videos with the finest cameras and with the expertise of years-long cameraman; professionals who provide nothing but the best possible service.

Most of the videos in the database of Vipissy are actually POV style vids. This is more of a Picasso-like approach, if we put it in the context of visual arts. There are supposed to be more participants in the videos, but since the audience takes part of the act, only the solicitors are left seen on the screen. That gives a more vivid style in presenting the vids, it seemingly works as a simulation for the viewer. There are currently 570 plus videos successful in meeting its ends and updates do come in on a weekly basis, together with photo updates for the galleries.

One more amazing thing about the site is that its videos are free to download for every member. That really gives a whole lot more access to one’s subscription. So if you want to try out something else for a change in the name of pornography, our Vipissy discount is definitely something I can confidently recommend.